Maintaining our Hall Spirit

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Aim: To provide financial means for students to develop extra-curricular interests and skills, that will have an impact on the rest of their life, as well as adding to the Hall spirit by bringing individuals in the JCR and MCR together in friendship and enjoyment.

Hall Spirit is shaped by students, Fellows, staff and alumni and – whilst almost impossible to define – it remains at the heart of all we do. Cultural, intellectual and sporting activities offer tangible signs of Hall Spirit and our dynamic alumni community demonstrate it through friendships created amongst Aularians and a lifelong association with the Hall.

Being a student at Teddy Hall offers great opportunities for new experiences and developing skills in sports, music and the arts. Alumni donations are vital to maintaining these distinctive features of Hall life through a variety of routes, such as the Masterclass Awards and Amalgamated Clubs Fund.

What we have already achieved:

  • The Masterclass Fund provides talented students with advanced coaching in extra-curricular activities and, since its launch, has supported nearly 300 students. Last year over £20,000 was awarded to 31 students to help them pursue their training in many areas, including singing, pistol shooting, ballroom dancing, swimming, drama, photography, film-making and cello.
  • The Amalgamated Clubs Fund provides funds for 24 active College clubs and societies to purchase equipment or to meet expenses for their approved non- academic activities. This fund supports the sports teams, the choir, John Oldham Society, A Gallery and participation of our Fine Art students in the Ruskin Degree Show.

“My Masterclass singing lessons have proven invaluable. From my first lesson, I have felt my voice transformed. My technique has become more reliable, my voice has become more mature, and my vocal stamina has increased. I have been able to perform in numerous recitals, concerts, and operas this past academic year. The coaching has strengthened my resolve to become a professional singer. I am deeply grateful to have received the Masterclass Award without which none of this would have been possible.”
Alexander (2016, MPhil Politics)

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